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Protect Our Youths From The Law

Northern California probation officer sexually abused the children under his care for years, according to 11 lawsuits filed against the county where he once worked.

The plaintiffs allege that San Mateo County officials knew about the abuse but failed to stop the now-deceased probation officer from continuing his behavior.

The county is investigating the allegations in the lawsuits, but noted that it is “challenging because they relate to events largely occurring approximately 30 years ago.”

Joseph Goethals, the attorney representing the 11 plaintiffs in the lawsuits filed in December and January, said his team is working to clarify the dates of that abuse but that it happened when Domeniconi was overseeing adults on probation toward the end of his career with the county.

Goethals said the county did not uphold its duty to keep the children from being harmed during the time they were under the care of the probation department.

“The county is responsible for hiring, training, supervising, and investigating all of their employees in order to properly protect children from sexual abuse”

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