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Three Past Board Members Honored for Their Service

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Left to Right: Honorees Ary Sarbaz and Arzo Yusuf

On January 28th, 2019, in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, across the street from the electric Staples Center, Angels Nest held a ceremony to honor three special Board Members for their service of helping transition-aged youth as they pursue a higher education.

President Pam Jones-Tintle hosted the event and had this to say about the honorees, "We would not be where we are today if it weren't for the individual contributions of these remarkable members. We are lucky to have had them serve at Angels Nest."

Lawyer and the People Walker CEO, Ary Sarbaz was the first to be honored during the festive evening. Sarbaz had this to say about his time:

"Serving as a board member at Angels Nest was an incredible experience. To be able to help pursue a greater purpose was so fulfilling but even more, to be collaborating with and learning from the great minds of other board members was something I will cherish."

Mark Hanson, the Executive Director of Irell & Manella, was honored for his significant contributions to the betterment of youth at Angels Nest. In May 2018, he organized a successful fundraiser that raised over $20,000, which helped the Women's Program maintain summer housing. Angels Nest co-founder, Jean Walker had this to say about Hanson:

"Mark was all in as soon as he signed onto the board. He asked for the financials right away and got heavily involved. Mark's level of commitment to Angels Nest was second to none."

The final honors went to former President and Sexy Boss Babe CEO, Arzo Yusuf. At the ceremony, members lavished praise over Arzo's leadership and the fact she went over and beyond time and again at Angels Nest. Yusuf, who created a nail line that devotes a portion of proceeds to organizations like Angels Nest, was overwhelmed at the night's event:

"I am humbled to have received this award from this wonderful organization. As a leader, it is your job to serve your team and your organization...I am thankful for the team's trust and for this incredible opportunity to serve former foster youth."

A special mention goes to Angels Nest Board Member Tony Forde for providing the venue. Below is more background information on the night's honorees.


Ary Sarbaz

Ary is an innovative attorney with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has helped develop numerous start ups, and has previously served as General Counsel and COO for a real estate tech company. Aryan has experience in both litigation and transactional law, and was managing partner of a law firm, where he received the 6th largest settlement award in California for 2017. Aryan gave up his legal career to help start People Walker.

Mark Hanson

Mark has been a law firm administrator for more than 25 years. He began his career as a CPA with international accounting firm Deloitte & Touche and spent seven years as the vice president of finance for a privately held venture capital firm before entering legal. An authority in the industry, Mark frequently speaks to legal groups on economics, strategy, training and development, talent management, administrative management and leadership.

Arzo Yusuf

Director/Producer, ‘Breaking The Cycle,’ a film about the problems foster youth face through transitioning out of the system. Arzo is also CEO of Sexy Boss Babe, a beauty brand that promotes inspirational messages on it’s packaging to promote self esteem and confidence in young women. A portion of all proceeds are donated to charities that support foster youth and survivors of human trafficking.

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