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jean walker

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Jean is a co-founder of Angels Nest, a project she started in collaboration with her parents, Bill and Sue Huston.  The philosophy from the beginning has been focused on providing a “hand up, not a hand out.”  Education is vital to creating a stable living environment for former foster youth.  Through college or trade school education, these young people learn the skills and make the connections necessary to becoming stable, productive members of our society. Angels Nest provides stable housing and essentials so that these young people can focus on their education, without worrying about where they are going to sleep that night or where their next meal will come from.


Jean’s work background includes experience at both the state and local level in dealing with both foster care issues and issues involved in foster youth who “cross over” to criminal activity. Jean’s purpose with Angels Nest is to provide the necessary services and support so that these young people do not resort to criminal activity in order to survive.  Jean’s work in the state legislature and on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors provides her with an in-depth understanding of issues facing former foster youth.


College graduation doesn’t need to be something out of reach for former foster youth.  Angels Nest provides the basics, allowing our residents to focus on school without other distractions.  This is our “hand up.”  It’s up to the residents to take advantage of this opportunity, live up to their potential, and thrive.

"My intention is  to assist young people with a history of foster care to be able to graduate college and become independent, productive and successful members of society.  Angels Nest provides that "hand up" in helping these young people attain their highest potential."

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